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I remember when I started my first year of high school. I was given the choice to learn either French or Spanish to fulfill the foreign language requirement for college.

The decision was not a difficult one for me to make. My decision was based on what language did those around me speak the most.

Where I grew up the majority of people living in my neighborhood spoke Spanish, so I decided to learn the language the best way that I knew how.

I would study it in school and come home to practice it with my neighbors.

We played a Mexican Bingo game called Loteria which helped me to acquire new vocabulary words in Spanish. The pictures used helped me to learn the Spanish word for each picture that it was associated with it in the game.

The key to learning a new language fast is to learn the target language. The target language is the new language that you are trying to acquire. The target language that you are trying to learn from reading this post is Spanish. In this post, you will learn some of the best ways to learn Spanish and some of the best-recommended strategies to do so.

In a study conducted by Amuzie and Winke (2009), they found that “one of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to study abroad” (p. 366). In this study, they looked at two different groups of foreign exchange students who came to the US to acquire English. These students, who took part in this study, reported that “they themselves should find opportunities to use their [second language] and that success in [second language] learning depends more on their own efforts outside of class” (Amuzie & Winke, 2009, p. 374).

Top 10 Ways to Learn Spanish Fast

There are several ways to learn Spanish fast. In addition, the list provided below will help you determine what is the best method for you to learn Spanish at your desired pace. Consult this list as often as needed with the desired outcomes that you have in mind to help you learn Spanish.

1. Start with a Purpose

When you want to begin learning a new language, you want to have a purpose in mind as to why you would want to study that language.

According to Saville-Troike and Barto (2016), “adding second languages at an older age often takes considerable effort, however, and thus requires motivation” (p. 10).

Here is a list of possible reasons why someone might be interested in learning Spanish:

•Invasion or conquest of one’s country by speakers of another language;
•A need or desire to contact speakers of other languages in economic
or other specific domains;
•Immigration to a country where the use of a language other than one’s first language is required;
•Adoption of religious beliefs and practices which involve the use of
another language;
•A need or desire to pursue educational experiences where access
requires proficiency in another language;
•A desire for occupational or social advancement which is furthered by
knowledge of another language;
•An interest in knowing more about peoples of other cultures and
having access to their technologies or literature.

A purpose can be your reason why you find that language intriguing to study.

These are all very important questions to ask yourself as to why you want to learn Spanish. In other words, consider these as your overall goal and motivation as to why you want to learn Spanish. Or, maybe you want to learn How to Start a Spanish Conversation. Why do you want to learn Spanish? Leave a comment below.

Begon to learn Spanish fast

More love, please

2. Have a Goal in Mind

Once you know your purpose, set reasonable goals for you to accomplish your goals. For example, you might set a goal for yourself and say that you want to learn 5 new Spanish words in a week. This seems like a goal that you can manage on your own and you will then refer to a new list of Spanish vocabulary words that will help you learn the word and the meaning of the word. Refer to Spanish dictionary for a list of daily Spanish words or create a list of your own.

3. Learn Spanish Pronunciation

Learning Spanish pronunciation is key in learning the language. By learning how to pronunciate the correct words and sounds in Spanish, you are a step ahead of the rest. Spanish pronunciation is really important for language development; otherwise, a lot of the words that you will say will be said incorrectly. To begin, watch this short video introduction of the Spanish alphabet. This is part of the foundation to acquire a new language. Furthermore, this is a step in the right direction to help prepare you to learn Spanish.

4. Learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary

Spanish has a lot of vocabulary words that are similar to English. These words are known as Spanish cognates because they are similar to words found in both English and in Spanish. The goal is not to memorize these Spanish cognates in one sitting; however, try to memorize a chunk (5-10 words at a time) of these words and then say or write them down repeatedly.

Learning a new language requires a lot of repetition and you can do this by having a conversation with someone who is interested in learning these Spanish words with you.

5. Have conversations with Practice

One of the highly recommended ways to acquire a new language is by having a conversation. When you begin to practice the new vocabulary words that you have learned, you are teaching them to someone else and vice versa. As the saying goes, “practice is the mother of skill.” If you start practicing today, you will acquire new Spanish vocabulary in no time.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish fast

6. Learn Spanish vocabulary with context

Similar to playing a game of Loteria, you want to learn Spanish vocabulary words that are most useful to you. You can learn new Spanish words every day by identifying and associating common household items that are found in the kitchen with the Spanish equivalent. Once you have learned the Spanish vocabulary words for everything found in the kitchen, move on to the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Before you know it, you will know all of the Spanish vocabulary words for different parts of your house.

7.  Learn how to understand people who speak Spanish fast.

As a student who is interested in learning how to speak Spanish, it can be quite difficult to try and understand Spanish when someone is speaking quickly.

There are several ways to overcome this issue.

First, choose your favorite form of Spanish broadcasting media to watch and/or listen to like the Spanish news, the Spanish novelas, or Spanish songs.

Second, whenever you come across a new word in Spanish, look it up and write it down.

Eventually, you will acquire the skill to understand spoken Spanish and exponentially grow your list of Spanish words in no time.

8. Practice Spanish pronunciation.

Learning Spanish vocabulary on your own can be very difficult in itself without having the proper support. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

The key to learning a new language is to learn it and practice it every day. Thus, I would personally recommend that you invest your time in an online Spanish course at Esperanza Española. By the way, the first course is FREE! Check it out.

9. Read as Much as Possible.

Remember when you were in school and your teacher(s) emphasized how important it was for you to read? The same thing applies in order to learn Spanish.

Lightbown and Spada (2013) state that “comprehension-based activities may best be seen as an excellent way to begin learning and as a supplement to other kinds of learning.”

Also, by reading in Spanish, you will have access to more vocabulary words, pictures, and tenses for you to recognize. See my Spanish book recommendations to get started today.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish Fast

10. Make it a daily habit.

Once you have learned how implemented the 9 steps above, make it a part of your daily routine and you will see results in no time. Just make sure that you keep your goal in mind as you study Spanish and you will learn Spanish in no time. Guaranteed!

Learn More Spanish Today

Learning Spanish is a great way to supplement your income through your second language skills.

If you want to learn how to make more money and meet more people, I have worked hard to create a guide to help you learn more Spanish today:

The Best Way to Learn Spanish Fast

In it, I have included my best strategies to:

  • Create strategies so you always have a consistent source of motivation.
  • Start a vocabulary list and grow your vocabulary exponentially.
  • Increase your vocabulary with thousands of words through various practices.

Download a FREE copy of the Ultimate Guide today by clicking on the link — and start learning Spanish today.

Learn Spanish Fast


Are you using the right ways to learn, grow, and practice Spanish fast?

What goals are you implementing and what goals should you have in place to grow your Spanish vocabulary?

In this article, we outline what you need to be able to learn Spanish Fast.

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