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In order to learn Spanish, it is highly recommended that a person has a community of Spanish speakers close by to help you assimilate to the culture. Spanish is a language that you can learn through the three of the five modalities – auditory (listening), visually, and speaking. Having the Latino culture of predominately Spanish speakers, who live in close proximity to you, will help you learn the Spanish language faster. This process is called acculturation which is when someone assimilates to the dominant culture.

If you do not live in or near a large Latino population, here is a brief list of 5 alternative places where you can learn Spanish.

5. Go to CSU/UC

Some people decide to learn Spanish at the university level UC and CSU schools in Californiaby taking a college course. It is a great opportunity for you to meet some new people and also learn the Spanish language. By taking a Spanish course, you have the opportunity to use the three modalities as mentioned above and you will also have a college professor on hand to help you. Also, don’t forget to attend office hours! Depending on your budget, you can rent an apartment close by or live on campus. The estimated tuition cost to attend a Cal State has an estimated cost of about $11,000; however, if you are coming in from out of state, it is about twice as much. List of UC campuses in California.

4. Go to a Community College

Some people decide to learn Spanish at the college level by taking a community college course. It is a great opportunity for you to meet some new people. However, in the state of California, the cost of tuition is approximately $1,000. *Books are not included in the overall cost of tuition.

3. Attend a Spanish School

If you want to learn Spanish and nothing else, you can attend a Spanish school; a Spanish school is a place where you can take Spanish classes with a group of people. The price is based on how many sessions you want to pre-purchase. However, each session in a Spanish school is 50 minutes long. For example, an individual who wants to take 7 sessions of a Spanish course. It may cost about $300. Moreover, if an individual wants to purchase 36 Spanish classes, they will spend approximately $1,277. *All prices include the cost of materials, too.

2. Pay for a tutor

A Spanish tutor can help you learn Spanish on a one-on-one basis. If you are taking Spanish in high school and you are in need of a tutor, or you are just looking to learn Spanish individually rather than in a group setting, a Spanish tutor can help you with that. The price range for a Spanish tutor can range anywhere from $20 to $90.

1. Pay for an online Spanish course

If you are in a rush for time, an online Spanish course is also a great way to go. You can learn Spanish when it is convenient for you. Unlike taking a Spanish course at the college level where you have to see what time the class is offered, you can take Spanish online and at your own convenience. Overall, an online Spanish course is a great way for you to learn Spanish when you are on the go; you can take the Spanish course at work, at home, or at the gym. An online Spanish course is convenient for you and your schedule. If you would like to learn more, check out the online Spanish curriculum offered here.

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Do you agree? Where else can you go to learn Spanish? If this was helpful to you in any way, feel free to leave a comment with your feedback. Thanks!

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